The Course Structure

It’s not easy to produce footage if you don’t know where you are going to today I’ve finally decide to give a structure to this course this should help producing footage more related to the subject we are going to treat in the course:

  1. We are going to have some video that will introduce the target.
  2. We are going to produce some video on the basic scientific knowledge that every artist should have to be able to understand what it’s doing, and most of all why.
  3. We will have a part where we will describe all the material and the tools that a painter uses in its activity.
  4. We will finally start painting introducing the fundaments, like painting uniformly and blend colors.
  5. Following the path that I did in my artistic career we are going to start by painting abstract.
  6. We will start painting our representative and figurative subjects.
  7. At the end to show something different I’m going to talk about what I do, just to give an idea of some alternative representative painting introducing the neo-metaphysic.

Today we have started producing the videos on how to prepare the palette and how to mount a canvas.

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