If while you were visiting this site, you have though to any questions, try to see if you can find the answer inside this section dedicated to the questions that people ask me frequently. I’ve organized the question in two groups: on my artistic activity, and on my personal life.

  • Why did you stop sculpting?

    Actually I don’t think I’ve stopped, I really would like to restart sculpting, let’s say I’m taking a very long pause. Sculpture is a technique very complex to manage, much more noisy and invasive, you get a lot of scraps and dust, unlike painting, it’s not easy to manage it in your house living room. you need a special equipped room that at the moment I don’t have.

  • What’s that strange red logo that we can see on the website header?

     It’s the picture of my stamp. The inside Chinese characters, represent my Chinese name  and the word painter.

    It’s an old Chinese custom that I find very interesting. Chinese often use stamp instead of signature. Stamps, in China, has legal value and can/must be used in contract and documents.

    The origin of this custom, it’s very old. The emperor use to sign law and communication by his personal seal, a big stamp. This usage is originates precisely the imperial seal.

    It’s currently in common use, and almost every person has one of it. Someone decide to don’t use it and to sign instead, other to use both, or only the stamp.

    I started using it, since I live in china, in the authentication, I write behind every painting.

  • Why did you choose to study engineering instead of art?

     I’m a very curios person, creative, with many interests, by nature i like everything related with sciences, arts and in general almost everything based on thought. In these days, art world has lost its nature and has become something that most of the time I don’t like. On the other hand, I think technology has brought a lot of advantages to our society. When, as young man, I decided to follow a techno-scientific career, I did it for several reasons: the first it’s a very practical matter, an engineer career has many more opportunities than an artist career; creativity can be very useful to an engineer, and at the end, like actually happened, one career doesn’t exclude the other.

  • Why did you choose to accept a job in China, and move to live there?

     As I already said, I’m a very curios person, and I’m always been attracted by the orient, I think because it is always been a world separated, of which western people didn’t know much. Already in 2000 I tried to find something to do in China. So, when at the end of 2007 I’ve got the opportunity, I took it. At the end I was right, the country I found when I arrived, was completely different than the one I had in my mind.

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